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1 %$Header$
3 \chapter{\cirdzerolongtitle{}}
5 \label{cird0}
7 \section{Introduction To \emph{Insektengericht} And Lessons Learned}
9 \emph{Insektengericht}\index{Insektengericht}
10 (German language: \emph{insect court}) is a word
11 we learned from a page of a \emph{Beavis and Butthead}\index{Beavis and Butthead}
12 comic book purchased
13 in the M\"unchen Hauptbahnhoff around 1995. In a page of this comic
14 book---titled \emph{Insektengericht}---Beavis and Butthead sit in judgement
15 of insects. Without exception, the verdict is
16 \emph{schuldig} (guilty), and the sentence is harsh
17 (\emph{Tod durch explodieren}, or ``death by explosion'', is typical in the
18 Beavis and Butthead schema of insect justice).
20 Just like Beavis and Butthead, in this section we sit in judgement of software
21 defects (or bugs)---probably with a similar conviction rate and similar
22 sentencing guidelines.
24 The importance of analyzing software defects can't be overemphasized.
25 The analysis of defects supplies valuable information about what
26 \emph{can} go wrong and what is \emph{most likely} to go wrong.
27 Because it isn't possible in any product development
28 process to eliminate \emph{all} types of
29 software defects, analysis of the relative frequency
30 of different types of software defects allows
31 one to concentrate on the ``hotspots'', or types of
32 software defects shown most likely to occur.
34 In this part of the work (\emph{Insektengericht}) we strive
35 to present each different \emph{type} of software defect we've
36 encountered, and we try to avoid presenting nearly
37 identical defects, as this is redundant and has no
38 instructional value. We haven't kept track of
39 the relative frequency of different types of defects.
41 We begin in this chapter with a mother lode of intermittent software defects,
42 interrupt service.
45 \section{Exercises}
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