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1 dashley 140 %$Header$
2     \chapter{Acknowledgements}
4     I am very grateful for all
5     of the assistance I have received with this set of works (the book,
6     the tool set, and supplemental materials). I would
7     like to extend my gratitude to the following individuals
8     and institutions.
10     For assistance in procuring \LaTeXe{} (\emph{4allTex} Version 5), I am
11     grateful to Mr. Erik Frambach, Mr. Gerard van Nes, and the Dutch
12     \TeX{} User's Group.
14     For assistance in learning how to use \LaTeX{} and \TeX{}, I am
15     especially grateful to Mr. Tobias Oetiker\footnote{Author of
16     \emph{The Not So Short Introduction To \LaTeXe{}}, which is
17     available on the Web.},
18     who provided detailed e-mail answers to all of
19     my questions. Mr. Oetiker also provided the source code for his
20     document on the Web, and I was able to use this as a template to
21     jump-start me in the direction of an aesthetically pleasing
22     \LaTeX{} book. I am also grateful to the Dutch \TeX{}
23     User's Group, the UK \TeX{}
24     User's Group (UKTUG), and many helpful posters on the
25     \texttt{comp.text.tex} newsgroup
26     \cite{bibref:n:comptexttex} for support.
28     For hosting this project (the book, the tool set, and all supporting
29     materials), I am very grateful to \index{SourceForge}\emph{SourceForge}
30     (\texttt{http://www.sourceforge.net})---coordinating and
31     distributing this project simply would not have been possible without
32     their support. At SourceForge, I am very grateful to Mr.
33     Jacob Moorman for technical support and assistance on many,
34     many occasions.
36     I would like to acknowledge the contribution of \index{GNU}GNU
37     (\texttt{http://www.gnu.org}),
38     \index{Free Software Foundation (FSF)}The Free Software Foundation
39     (\texttt{http://www.fsf.org}), and all of the open-source
40     developers in the world who have produced many excellent and
41     helpful products, including
42     \LaTeX{} (used to write this book) and
43     \index{Tcl}\emph{Tcl} (the basis
44     for much of \emph{The ESRG Tool Set}).
46     Finally, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the
47     topic-specific contributions of the individuals who are
48     acknowledged at the end of each chapter.
50     \begin{figure}[b]
51     \noindent\rule[-0.25in]{\textwidth}{1pt}
52     \begin{tiny}
53     \begin{verbatim}
54 dashley 274 $HeadURL$
55     $Revision$
56     $Date$
57     $Author$
58 dashley 140 \end{verbatim}
59     \end{tiny}
60     \noindent\rule[0.25in]{\textwidth}{1pt}
61     \end{figure}
63     %
64     %End of WORKACKS.TEX


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