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1 <html>
3 <head>
4 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
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7 <title>ESRG Microcontroller Software Book (&quot;A Practitioner's Guide
8 ...&quot;) Description</title>
9 <base target="main">
10 </head>
12 <body background="../bkgnds/bk10.gif">
14 <p align="center"><b><font size="4">ESRG Microcontroller Software Book (&quot;<i>A
15 Practitioner's Guide ...</i>&quot;) Description</font></b></p>
16 <hr>
17 <p>The ESRG book under construction, tentatively entitled &quot;<i>A
18 Practitioner's Guide To The Design And Development Of Small Microcontroller
19 Software</i>&quot;, is a unique undertaking on the Internet.&nbsp; The unique
20 features are:</p>
21 <ul>
22 <li>The book contains many insights and many mathematical results that are (to
23 the best of our knowledge) not available anywhere else.</li>
24 <li>The book is not constrained for length, since at this time it is published
25 only electronically on the Internet.&nbsp; This means that there is room for
26 unlimited
27 numbers of examples, peripheral observations, conjectures, unsolved problems,
28 etc.</li>
29 <li>The book is collaborative (anyone can pitch in).</li>
30 <li>The book is open-source (however, licensing issues are still being worked out), so
31 that all <a href="../glossary/glossary.htm#latex" target="_blank">LaTeX</a>
32 source code and other files are under version control and available in their
33 entirety via anonymous <a href="../glossary/glossary.htm#cvs_vc" target="_blank">CVS</a>.&nbsp;
34 This means, for example, that anyone can use this book as an example of how
35 to lay out the LaTeX source files of another book.</li>
36 </ul>
37 <p>The title of the book accurately describes its content.&nbsp; It is about
38 small microcontroller software.</p>
39 <hr>
40 <p align="center" style="margin-top: -2; margin-bottom: -1"><font size="1">This
41 web page is maintained by <a href="mailto:dtashley@users.sourceforge.net">David
42 T. Ashley</a>.<br>$Header: /cvsroot/esrg/sfesrg/esrgweba/htdocs/bk_prac_guide/desc.htm,v 1.4 2003/05/01 07:25:31 dtashley Exp $</font></p>
43 <hr noshade size="5">
45 </body>
47 </html>

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