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1 <html>
3 <head>
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7 <title>Procedure To Compile All ESRG Windows® Tools Using Microsoft Visual C++</title>
8 <base target="main">
9 </head>
11 <body background="../../bkgnds/bk10.gif">
13 <p align="center"><b><font size="4">Procedure To Compile All ESRG Windows®
14 Tools Using Microsoft Visual C++</font></b></p>
15 <hr>
16 <p>If you are at this page, you have obtained the Windows® tool set source code
17 from either a source distribution or via anonymous CVS access.&nbsp; This page
18 provides instructions for compiling the Windows® tool set from source code.</p>
19 <ol>
20 <li>Be certain you have the full version of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (the one
21 that retails for around $600).&nbsp; You cannot compile standalone
22 executables without this full version.&nbsp; Versions such as the
23 &quot;academic&quot; version will not allow the creation of standalone
24 executables that do not require external .DLLs.</li>
25 <li>Be certain you have arranged the source code on a Windows® computer so
26 that the CVS module <i>esrgpcpj</i> exists as a top-level directory of <i>C:</i>.&nbsp;
27 (If the directory <i>c:\esrgpcpj</i> exists, you probably have placed the
28 directory in the right place.)</li>
29 <li>
30 Open a DOS box and navigate to the directory <i>c:\esrgpcpj\batbuild</i>, as
31 illustrated in the screen snapshot below.
32 <p align="center"><img border="0" src="ss01.gif" width="396" height="131"></p>
33 </li>
34 <li>In this directory, there should be a file <i>releases.bat</i>.&nbsp;
35 Invoke this file by typing <i>releases</i>.</li>
36 <li>The build process should be automatic and should complete with no
37 errors.&nbsp; (During the process, console windows will be created for each
38 build and then disappear.)&nbsp; It is a good idea to watch the process to
39 be sure that no errors are encountered.</li>
40 <li>The build process will create both a &quot;<i>release</i>&quot; and a
41 &quot;<i>debug</i>&quot; executable for each program that is a component of
42 the Windows® tool set.&nbsp; For example, both versions of the program gfsw
43 will be built.&nbsp; The release version will be <i>c:\esrgpcpj\gfsw\Release\gfsw.exe</i>,
44 and the debug version will be <i>c:\esrgpcpj\gfsw\Debug\gfsw.exe</i>.</li>
45 </ol>
46 <hr>
47 <p align="center" style="margin-top: -2; margin-bottom: -1"><font size="1">This
48 web page is maintained by <a href="mailto:dtashley@users.sourceforge.net">David
49 T. Ashley</a>.<br>$Header: /cvsroot/esrg/sfesrg/esrgweba/htdocs/devels/compile_all_win_tools/compile_all_win_tools.htm,v 1.2 2003/04/30 05:32:46 dtashley Exp $</font></p>
50 <hr noshade size="5">
52 </body>
54 </html>

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