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1 <html>
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7 <title>List Of CVS Modules, Their Contents, And Text File Naming Conventions</title>
8 <base target="main">
9 </head>
11 <body background="../../bkgnds/bk10.gif">
13 <p align="center"><b><font size="4">List Of CVS Modules, Their Contents, And Text File Naming
14 Conventions</font></b></p>
15 <hr>
16 <p><a href="../../glossary/glossary.htm#cvs_vc" target="_blank">CVS</a> defines
17 the concept of <i>module</i>, which is a top-level directory in a CVS
18 repository.&nbsp; Although in the repository structure utilized by the ESRG tool
19 set there is some interdependency between modules (for example, the <a href="../../glossary/glossary.htm#installshield_express" target="_blank">InstallShield
20 Express</a> Windows® installation obtains files from several modules), for the
21 most part modules are separate entities.</p>
22 <p>On this web page, all CVS modules are enumerated and what they contain is
23 explained.</p>
24 <p>All but two of the ESRG tool set distribution files are built on a <a href="http://sourceforge.net">SourceForge</a>
25 *nix machine, and some of those distribution files are designed to be
26 decompressed and used on Windows® machines.&nbsp; In order to prepare text
27 files that are Windows®-friendly, the <i>unix2dos</i> utility is used to
28 convert line endings.&nbsp; In order to convert only text files, there must be
29 an easy way to differentiate text files.&nbsp; The convention adopted is to make
30 sure that every text file has a suffix (binary files may be without suffix), and
31 to recognize text files by the suffix.&nbsp; Furthermore, it is observed that
32 the suffixes which denote text files may vary from module to module, and so
33 there may be different recognition criteria for each module.&nbsp; The table
34 below lists the suffixes that cause a file to be recognized as a text file, on a
35 per-module basis.</p>
36 <div align="center">
37 <center>
38 <table border="2" width="95%">
39 <tr>
40 <td width="22%"><b><u>Module</u></b></td>
41 <td width="52%"><b><u>Contents</u></b></td>
42 <td width="26%"><b><u>Text File Suffixes</u></b></td>
43 </tr>
44 <tr>
45 <td width="22%"><b>esrgdocs</b></td>
46 <td width="52%">ESRG tool set documents.&nbsp; This module is presently
47 not populated.</td>
48 <td width="26%">
49 <p align="center">N/A, presently unpopulated.</td>
50 </tr>
51 <tr>
52 <td width="22%"><b>esrgdstb</b></td>
53 <td width="52%"><a href="../../glossary/glossary.htm#installshield_express" target="_blank">InstallShield Express</a> project files, graphics, licenses,
54 etc. for preparing both Windows® and *nix distributions of the ESRG
55 tool set.</td>
56 <td width="26%">
57 <p align="center">.htm<br>
58 .rtf<br>
59 .txt</td>
60 </tr>
61 <tr>
62 <td width="22%"><b>esrgdsts</b></td>
63 <td width="52%">Scripts and <i>.BAT</i> files which are used on a *nix or
64 Windows® platform to prepare ESRG
65 tool set file distributions.</td>
66 <td width="26%">
67 <p align="center">N/A, because at this time the files in this module are
68 never prepared for a Windows® machine.</td>
69 </tr>
70 <tr>
71 <td width="22%"><b>esrgnxpj</b></td>
72 <td width="52%">The *nix version of the ESRG tool set.</td>
73 <td width="26%">
74 <p align="center">N/A, because at this time the files in this module are
75 never prepared for a Windows® machine.</td>
76 </tr>
77 <tr>
78 <td width="22%"><b>esrgpcpj</b></td>
79 <td width="52%">Source code, MSVC++ project files, graphics, and build
80 .BAT files for compiled Windows® tools.</td>
81 <td width="26%">
82 <p align="center">.c<br>
83 .cpp<br>
84 .h<br>
85 .txt</td>
86 </tr>
87 <tr>
88 <td width="22%"><b>esrgphpa</b></td>
89 <td width="52%">The PHP script library of the ESRG tool set.</td>
90 <td width="26%">
91 <p align="center">.inc<br>
92 .php<br>
93 .txt</td>
94 </tr>
95 <tr>
96 <td width="22%"><b>esrgpubs</b></td>
97 <td width="52%">ESRG publications (papers, etc.).&nbsp; Typically this
98 module is checked out on a Windows® platform and some of the
99 publications are packaged into the Windows® installation executable by <a href="../../glossary/glossary.htm#installshield_express" target="_blank">InstallShield
100 Express</a>.</td>
101 <td width="26%">
102 <p align="center">.htm<br>
103 .html<br>
104 .tex<br>
105 .txt</td>
106 </tr>
107 <tr>
108 <td width="22%"><b>esrgubka</b></td>
109 <td width="52%">The source code, graphics, and build script for the book
110 in progress, &quot;<i>A Practitioner's Guide ...</i>&quot;.</td>
111 <td width="26%">
112 <p align="center">.cls<br>
113 .htm<br>
114 .html<br>
115 .sty<br>
116 .tcl<br>
117 .tex<br>
118 .txt</td>
119 </tr>
120 <tr>
121 <td width="22%"><b>esrgweba</b></td>
122 <td width="52%">The entire web content of the ESRG tool set <a href="http://sourceforge.net">SourceForge</a>
123 site.</td>
124 <td width="26%">
125 <p align="center">.c<br>
126 .cpp<br>
127 .h<br>
128 .htm<br>
129 .html<br>
130 .inc<br>
131 .php<br>
132 .txt</td>
133 </tr>
134 </table>
135 </center>
136 </div>
137 <p><b><u>Additional Notes:</u></b></p>
138 <ol>
139 <li>The most reliable way to determine whether a file is text or binary is to
140 check the CVS keyword expansion mode, which should in all cases be
141 indicative (any mode other than &quot;<i>b</i>&quot; would indicate a text
142 file).&nbsp; If there prove to be difficulties with the current approach,
143 then this more powerful approach will be used.</li>
144 <li>Even if it is indicated above that files in a module are not intended to
145 be used on a Windows® platform, this refers only to the distribution
146 intent, not to the possibility of using the files.&nbsp; <i>Any</i>
147 text or binary file under CVS can be checked out to a Windows®
148 system.</li>
149 </ol>
150 <hr>
151 <p align="center" style="margin-top: -2; margin-bottom: -1"><font size="1">This
152 web page is maintained by <a href="mailto:dtashley@users.sourceforge.net">David
153 T. Ashley</a>.<br>$Header: /cvsroot/esrg/sfesrg/esrgweba/htdocs/devels/cvs_mods_txt_conv/cvs_mods.htm,v 1.2 2003/04/27 21:01:26 dtashley Exp $</font></p>
154 <hr noshade size="5">
156 </body>
158 </html>

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